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Norav Stress Test Systems

Stress Test Systems

1200W - RF Wireless system

Proprietary wireless data acquisition between the patient and the workstation allowing for maximum safety and comfort

No restrictions on movement, patient is free to walk around office or hospital with no signal degradation.

Triggers the image without any interference/blockage.

Perfect for image testing needs such as ultrasound.

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1200HR - High Resolution model

Offers 16 bit resolution and very high sampling rate.

Ideal for hospitals, research laboratories.

Signal Averaging and Heart Rate Variability applications.

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1200S - The Classic Model

Ideal for physician offices

PC-ECG connects via USB to any PC

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ECG Lead 12 Mobile Wireless NR-1207-E

Caregivers have greater freedom of movement
while acquiring ECGs

PC, Smartphone, Tablet compatible

Windows and Android compatible

iPad – iPhone compatible

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